October 2, 2008

Forever incomplete

Is it true that you also want what you can’t get? I try hard to focus of loving what I have and appreciate the things in my life that are great. But I catch myself always wanting more. Although I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad philosophy. After all if you stop wanting, then you’re probably dead. But why is it that I torture myself with wanting what isn't possible?? When I used to live in Munich, I craved for tropical weather, beaches and exotic foods. Now I live in a country close to the equator, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most diverse cuisine you can possibly imagine. And silly me wants snow for Christmas, architectural delights, knödel (potato dumpling), pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) and chocolate éclairs (puff pastry). During the past few weeks of vacation back in Europe I realized how much I was missing foods and things that I use to take for granted but that now, living far away from them, fill my heart and stomach with joy and enchantment. So I gave in, and soaked in all the European flavors I possibly could, wallowed in the Old World atmosphere and relished the distinct taste of foie gras, fresh croissants, crispy baguette, bubbly orangina, sweet spezi, sticky knödel and what not… But, and here comes the irony, after 3 weeks in Europe, I was craving for a siopao. Oh well, I guess it’s just the curse of being a cosmopolite. I will never be fully in touch with any of my cultural backgrounds. And i'll always miss a certain part of me. Enough drama though. I'm happy to be back in Manila.


Chris said...

Just learn to cook them all! Then invite me over :)

Cosmopolicious said...

why don't you cook them for me so i'll feel less homesick? ;-p

Chris said...

Because I might burned down your apartment. I care about your well-being.


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