October 14, 2008

Barcelona, La Boquería and La Fonda part 2

Aside from Gaudí and Las Ramblas, Barcelona is also well known for its legendary and delightful El Mercat de La Boquería. It’s a popular market in the middle of the city center, right by Las Ramblas. We wandered around enjoying the visually charming displays of fresh fruits and vegetables, letting all our senses take in the overload on sound, colors and aromas. The market is a must-see and despite the hoards of tourists it gives a unique Spanish feel. Of course after much walking and contemplating, hunger set in. We wanted to try out El Quim but the place was crowded and it would have been impossible for us to find 4 seats at the tiny bar. 

So we sat down at one of the various places around La Boquería. What a mistake! The place was a total rip-off and we left as soon as the waiter informed us that a simple seafood paella would cost each of us 15€. But where should we go instead? The day before, when the receptionist from Market Hotel recommended us La Fonda, I wanted to google some reviews about it and accidently stumbled upon another restaurant called La Fonda, which apparently had nothing to do with the former.

La Fonda Escudellers was just a five-minute walk from La Boquería and despite the warnings on the net about long queues, we were lucky to be seated right away. We ordered seafood and mixed paella (12€ and good for 3-4 persons!), fideua (like paella but with noodles), several tapas (croquettes, calamares…) and a goat cheese salad with pine nuts. Overall, food was delicious and affordable (60€ for 4 persons and plenty of left-overs). The setting is nice and the service friendly. I’m glad we left the tourist trap and settled for some good quality food that was wallet friendly as well!

La Fonda
Passatge Escudellers 10
Tel: +34 933 017515
Subway station: Liceu or Drassanes


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your blog. Maybe you could consider placing more breaks in your chunks of text to make it more readable on a computer screen.

1 or 2 sentences (max 3) per paragraph, like the BBC does, makes it more readable and captivating.

Keep up the good work!

Cosmopolicious said...

thanks for the advise anonymous. i'll apply it on my next post! =)

Miguel said...

HI - great blog - I just came back from Barcelona too just 2 weeks ago. Well I lived there for 20 yeras...anyway I enjoyed your Boqueria and La Fonda. Ive been to La Fonda many times.

If you have time check out my blog about the places we went to in Barcelona.



Miguel said...

I met chinkee thru my blog :) but I also know Sunshine and Rob in fact youll see pics of them in my blog we had lunch together in Barcelona while they were there...

Cosmopolicious said...

thanks miguel! i just saw you wrote about tapac24. i was there with friends and will post about it soon! then i realized you have pics of them on your blog: rob and sunshine. and you know chinkee too! small world.

Miguel said...

Tapac 24 is one of my favorite tapas place in Barcelona a must return place for me when I go back... :)

Cosmopolicious said...

hahaha. i only got to try tapac24 because rob and sunshine brought us there last month! =)


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