October 7, 2008

The war against fat

A woman cannot go to Paris without at least stopping by Sephora. On this ordinary day, in this haven of all things beauty, I found a new ally against the century-old war against fat. This is my first anti-fat cream ever. Now I wouldn’t say I’m fat, but my unhealthy lifestyle (yes, I have been meaning to go to the gym but -fill in with some lame excuse-.) and I assume my poor genetics, have had their effect on my thighs. You all know what I mean. Those rebellious dimples were procreating until today.Back from Sephora, I opened my jar of FatGirlSlim (no kidding this is really the product’s name!) and smeared on some of the miracle potion on the warzone while “massaging it firmly to maximize effects”. It smells like medicine with a hint of mint, definitely not offensive, but not very pleasing either. The texture is a bit slimy and it takes a while for my skin to absorb, so that I had to make it a point to use it after showering and run around my place half-naked for a while. None of my neighbors complained so far. I am not sure if it’s my wild imagination, but even D noticed a slight change in my flab jiggles. It’s definitely not because I managed to hit the treadmill (which reminds me I should though). Conclusion: Bliss’ FatGirlSlim must work somehow. The packaging says it contains QuSome-encapsulated caffeine molecules. Fancy. So far I think I found my new partner in crime and it’s worth every penny (2900 pennies to be exact or 29$ for those who aren’t in good terms with math). I’ll have to give it a few more weeks before I can write that I’m all toned, firm and smooth. But the war is on!


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