October 11, 2008

Barcelona the conventional way

After 4 days of endless walking in Paris, I was exhausted and the least motivated to continue our sightseeing marathon in Spain. We opted for the Bus Turistic today, although I am not usually a fan of tour bus tourism. We walked to the nearest stop and paid our day pass (20€ each) and got into the bus. The tour was to last 5 hours if you do the whole route and don’t even get out at any stop and we decided to maximize our ticket and did almost all of it. We only took a quick break at the park Guell. Although it was meant to be a hop-on, hop-off kinda thing, we mostly stayed on the open-roof deck of the bus and decided to visit the places we liked by foot later on in the trip. The tour was a welcome change from the endless kilometers of using up my Gola’s soles.

So if you’re tired like we were or it’s your first time in Barcelona and you only have limited time, then this is definitely for you. Buses are clean, there’s one every 5-10 minutes, you can listen to informative comments via the headphones provided (in several languages), the tour brings you to all the visit-worthy sites in Barcelona and you even get a coupon book with discounts to museums and the likes. It’s not the classiest nor most cosmopolicious way to discover the city, but in our case it was a no-brainer.

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