February 15, 2011

Paper Moon - Milan

Strolling around one of Europe's most famed fashiondistrict, Via Montenapoleone in Milan, my sister C. and I were looking out for Paper Moon. This restaurant was highly recommended to me by two well-traveled friends back home and I was set on trying it out. After lots of window-shopping - yes, even the sale season would've hurt my newlywed wallet - we almost gave up and were going to eat in one of the many other trattorias we passed.

Then, from the corner of my eye a small black sign pointing to a side street. There it was. Stylish, glass front. We walk inside and are brought to the second floor; apparently this is were they sit customers without reservations. We were quite early and didn't have to wait, but the place filled up rather quickly. Lucky us.
Exhausted from walking all morning, we settled for the house specialty Pappardelle a la Paper Moon and today's special Tortellini al Tartufo and decided to forego the appetizers.

Food was served very quickly and we soon sat in front of impeccable looking plates of fragrant pasta dishes. The Pappardelle was as recommended - delicious! Just the right tang from the tomato, but with the silkiness of the cream and the saltiness of the bacon. The pasta... No comparison to the overcooked stuff you get in a pseudo-Italian restaurant in Manila. Divine.
The Tortellini just oozed in cream, ricotta cheese and the subtle hint of truffle.

We should have maybe think twice before ordering such heavy dishes, as we found ourselves wanting to indulge in an afternoon siesta as soon as we cleaned out our plates. Overall the food was good, the service prompt, the prices reasonable for the location (spent 36€ total) and we were happy customers.

Buon appetito!

Paper Moon
Via Bagutta, 1
Milan, Italy
Metro: San Babila

February 12, 2011

From bride to wife

It's finally done! I've crossed the bridge and have gone from summer fling to girlfriend to fiancée to full-fledged legal and official, 'til death do us part-wife. Not part-wife. Wife.

Life is pretty much the same as it was a couple of months ago. Work is still crazy. I'm still in love with D. I'm still confused about my identity.

Some things have changed though: I lost 12lbs. I have no more wedding-prep nightmares. My closet space shrunk now that D.'s clothes are in it. We have bathroom schedule issues. I have someone to spoon every night. We're trying to get pregnant. I'm now obsessed with interior design stuff.

So life goes on, with a little change in direction. I guess it's meant to be. I'm excited.


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