October 27, 2008

Paris, A taste of India

I didn’t find much about the 10eme arrondissement in my guidebooks. My sister rented a small (and this is an understatement) apartment in the Rue d’Enghien, just by the Metro Bonne-Nouvelle and two stops away from every shopaholics dream: the Galeries Lafayette. So when we went off wandering the streets in the neighborhood, we couldn’t have been more delighted. A stroll away from our temporary home, we found ourselves in a hodgepodge of tailor stores, spice markets, barber shops and restaurants. All having one thing in common: India. 

We were in Passage Brady, a narrow passageway squeezed in between two buildings in a somewhat dodgy area, so narrow than one could easily miss it if it wasn’t for the bustling life, colors and the bizarre mixture of smells of nan bread and incense. Neon signs and persuasive waiters lure you into one of the many little restaurants, all with an extensive menu full of tandooris, curries, vindaloos and the likes. I actually forgot the place with ended up in. The food was good though not memorable and I would choose Swagat (Munich) and Queens (Manila) anytime over this place. But… I suppose there must be a really good place in the passageway and we just weren’t that lucky. Also, if you’re craving for Indian flavors, this Little India is definitely a place worth checking out.

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Chinkee said...

I love Indian food! But for some reason my tummy always rebels a few hours after consumption. Hassle...:-(


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