October 12, 2008

Barcelona, Pasa Pasa Restaurant

We spent 3 nights in Barcelona. I can’t believe we spent 2 of them having dinner in Pasa Pasa. Recommended by Fe, who works at Market Hotel, this joint seems to be the meeting point of the Filipino community. Simple setting with all the Pinoy cuisine favorites and of course TFC on tv. Craving for some comfort food, we had lechon kawali (very crispy), siopao (no comparison to home but ok nonetheless), BBQ (yummy) and soup (weirdly tasted a bit like pizza). Turns out that Danny, the brother of Fe and owner of the restaurant is also an avid mountainbiker and D quickly found a new buddy in him. The following day we met up with the culinary dreamteam and ironically after eating the exquisite dishes from Michelin star chefs for the past days, they were craving simple Asian cuisine. We sat down in a Chinese restaurant just off the Ramblas. One look in the menu was enough to tell us how overpriced the place was (think 2€ for one dumpling) and there we were, once again, walking back to the Raval district to Pasa Pasa. This time around, we were even invited to join the usual crowd in the back room for some beer and karaoke, but we chose to stay in front in the restaurant and give in to some more Pinoy classics. This proves once again, that no matter where you are, you can’t forget your roots. Even on the far end of the globe, one always looks for a slice of home.

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