October 31, 2008

Casa Goñi

I joined a bazaar for the first time this week. Back in Germany I used to join children flea markets selling my old books and toys to earn a money and buy new ones. Here in Manila, particularly around the Christmas season, which by the way starts as early as September, people join bazaars selling overruns from abroad or products they’ve created themselves. It’s a great venue for small entrepreneurs, well at least that’s what I’ve heard. The bazaar I joined wasn’t well organized and poorly advertised, hence our booth had very few customers and we didn’t make much sales. But that’s another story and if I’d go on with it it’ll turn out to be a rant post. So I’ll switch to a more pleasant topic; one of my favorites actually: Food! 

While desperately waiting for people we could lure into our booth, I discovered the food stalls outside the bazaar. One of the stalls advertised authentic Spanish cuisine, and because I am always in the lookout for European food, I was an easy customer. I ordered Tres Chorizos Paella and finished the dish for lunch. Before dinner, I bought another 2 servings (180P each) and reheated them at home with D. Not quite helping with my plan to get in shape for our beach trip this December but so decadently yummy. Aside from the chorizo bits, the paella had bacon bits in it to give it more flavor. They had delicious looking Paella Negra and Chicken Estofado as well. I ended up spending more on food than i had earned that day...

The owners of Casa Goñi are Spanish (but joked how they don’t even speak it) and sell traditional Spanish cuisine every Sunday at the Legaspi Market. I’ve been to the Saturday market in Salcedo but now I got a reason to visit Legaspi Village soon. 

Casa Goñi
Brgy. San Lorenzo Sunday Market
9AM-2PM Legaspi Carpark
Call Macille or Loubel at 517-8776

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