October 3, 2008

Paris, Picnic by the Eiffel Tower

Yet another tip I got from David Lebovitz site. It wasn’t the hottest day in Paris, but I thought it would be good enough for a typical picnic. We got off the Invalides, where the setup for yesterday’s mass with the Pope was still being deconstructed and walked around the Napoleonic Monument. After some tourist like picture taking, we made our way to the Rue Cler.

It’s a small pedestrian street that serves as a market with its several fruit and vegetable stalls, boulangeries and butchers. We bought ourselves fresh baguette sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, some freshly picked raspberries and of course éclairs and walked towards the Champs de Mars. We sat down amidst the other Parisians and tourists enjoying what would be the few last warm sunrays of the year and contemplated the majestic view on the Eiffel Tower. If you’re in Paris, take time off from the constant walking and hardcore sightseeing.

Sit down, eat some crunchy French bread you picked up from a small bakery and take pleasure in people watching or simply gazing at the sky (or the Eiffel Tower in our case). I enjoy it even the more so because this is one of the things I can’t do in Manila and I miss about Europe. That’s what my vacation is also all about; indulge in the things I left behind when I moved to the Philippines…

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