November 4, 2008

Un jour à Paris

Ah! So this is what Paris tastes like… There are three things to keep in mind when looking for a great, authentic and affordable meal in Paris. 1) Stay away from anything written in guidebooks. 2) Stay away from any restaurants within 500m of a sightseeing site. 3) Ask a local. In our case, we had to ask my sister. We didn’t quite keep true to the rules, since she doesn’t quite qualify as a local but a 6-months stay shall do the job. 

So after a long and tiring day of sightseeing and plenty of walking, we had just enough strength left to walk to the bistro aptly named Un Jour à Paris (A Day in Paris) just one street away from our temporary residence. The restaurant is a modern style bistro, kept in red and dark wood. Kevin, who already knew my sister immediately gave us the menu and informed us about the menu du jour. The few other customers were greeted by their first names too, obviously habitués (regulars). The place instantly gave me a feel of comfort and coziness, although I was still shivering from cold (despite the two sweaters I was wearing) and sleepiness. Of course, I didn’t hesitate a second when I saw the divine sounding words Foie… Gras…. and to counterbalance the high dosage of fat we were about to consume, I ordered a mixed salad with goat cheese. For main course we chose the Entrecote, the Steak Tartare, and the Lamb, all so typically Français! 

The food was plentiful, tasty and utterly satisfying after a long day of marching through the entire city. We were so full that we didn’t even manage dessert anymore. This should mean something as I can’t recall the last time this happened. But we were in for another few days in the city of macaroon, éclairs and other sweet delights, so it didn’t matter too much. This is a place that we’ll come back for even once my sister will have moved out of her apartment, simply because it’s great food, served by friendly French waiters (quite a rarity in Paris), in a pleasant setting, all while leaving your wallet relatively painless (we spent 50€ for the three of us).

48, Rue de l’Echiquier
Tel : +33 144 830021
Metro : Bonne-Nouvelle 

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