April 8, 2011

Honeymoon Planning

We haven't actually gone to a proper honeymoon trip yet. Yes, we had 3 days off after the whole wedding celebrating shabang, but it was waaaaaay too short (I actually still need to blog about paradise a.k.a the resort we stayed at). So the real thing is planned for late summer/early fall ― not to hot, not too cool ― and as usual I have been designated travel agent, which, let's be honest, D. wouldn't be able to pull off anyways.

I'm thinking roadtrip through Tuscany. Little bed&breakfast with cute courtyard to have our espresso and cornetto in the morning. Strolling along the sidestreets of Florence and Siena. Driving through the countryside and discover little towns to have lunch at in their local trattorias....
Looking at these pictures how can one not want to go to Italy? During Fully Booked's recent sale, I was able to get my hands on dirt cheap versions of all possible Italy guides. Looking forward to many wasted hours of planning, daydreaming and prepping for the trip... Will keep you posted.

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