April 14, 2011

30 days of lists - Things I'm good at

The 30 days of lists challenge continues. Today: Things I'm good at. I really hope that this won't take too much time, because this exercise might just turn into an existential nightmare if I don't find items to add to the list.

  • Finding typos in menu
  • Planning travel itineraries
  • Maintaining a sense of direction
  • Backrubbing
  • Listening and giving advise
  • Being alone
  • Immersing myself in unfamiliar topics
  • Learning new languages
  • Writing
  • Having an opinion
  • Organizing
  • Finding the perfect husband ;-)

1 comment:

Confessions of a young Carrie Bradshaw said...

Finding typos in menus is totally something I'm great at as well... Finding typos in anything really. Except the things I write myself ;)


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