April 10, 2011

Day off

There are just those days where all I want is a break. A break from work, household management, D., friends, everything basically. Not because anything is wrong. Actually things are pretty good right now, more on that some other time. But simply because amidst all the stuff that's going on, I lose myself and need to stop the rollercoaster ― I use this analogy in the most positive way possible as I am a huge sucker for rollercoasters ― and take a deep breath and spend time with no one but myself.

So I did just that yesterday. D. was out in Subic for a training camp and I had no social commitments that day. Instead I read, watched movies I've been wanting to watch for a while now, pampered myself at the spa, took care of some of the items on my eternal this-isn't-crucial-but-would-be-nice-to-do list like re-organize my photo albums, delete duplicate files on my laptop... Some may call it a bum day, fine. I don't care.

It was a much needed me-day! I'm thinking of doing this more often. I feel so much saner right now.

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