November 13, 2008

Zuni, Greenbelt 5

I haven’t been to Greenbelt 5 since their new wing opened. So when a family friend asked me to have lunch with her, I immediately suggested Greenbelt. I went there early, so I could stroll around and have a sneak peek of the new stores. I was looking for some stylish corporate wear but wasn’t lucky that day. When T finally arrived we headed to the outdoor strip where Felix, Zuni and Myron’s are located. Since T had already tried Felix and I had eaten in Myron’s this summer, we looked for Zuni. The waitress outside claimed the menu was Mediterranean/European. It sounded good, so we went in and sat down. 

The setting is obviously upscale; the interior is elegant and chic with art displayed on the walls. Very much like the sister restaurant Duo in Serendra. We were served bread and butter as to be expected in a high-end resto these days. I just wished they had more “European” bread, crunchier that is. Despite the nice selection of dishes we decided quite quickly on the Baked Norwegian Salmon in fillo pastry for myself and the Roasted Lapu-Lapu in Pommery-mustard sauce, angel hair pasta and asparagus for T.

The crunchy puff pastry was filled with succulent pink salmon, mushrooms and prawns and came with a delectable sauce and risotto, which was more rice than creamy risotto but mouth-watering nonetheless. The dish was refined and comforting at the same time. It reminded me a lot of the baked salmon my mom used to cook, but in a more upscale version! T finished her dish in a jiffy, so I assume it must have been just as delicious as mine. 

Having sacrificed the starters for desserts, we then ordered the Dark Couverture Souffle and the Zuni Obsession, as recommended by our waitress. As much as I devour my main dish, I like to take my time with desserts and savour every indulgent bite. The soufflé was scrumptious, as is nearly everything with chocolate and the Zuni Obsession was a moist chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream and fruit bits. It was good and we finished it. But, it wasn’t as memorable as Ithought it would be. I wish the ice-cream was made out of real vanilla beans. 

Verdict: the service was impeccable, the entrees were extremely satisfying, the portions were large, the desserts were good and the prices, although quite expensive, were justified given the setting and the quality (900P each). This is definitely a place I would drag D to next time…

Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar
G/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City
Tel: 7570361

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