November 26, 2008

Persian in Manila

Now Behrouz isn’t the prettiest restaurant I have been to. It isn’t the cleanest either. I wouldn’t even go on and say it has the best food. And yet, it is on my must-go restos in Manila. There are simply those days when you crave certain things. For D and me it’s Persian. I’m not sure if my occasional craving for Behrouz is due to some sort of emotional link. After all, we ate in Behrouz quite often during the time we first met and went out partying until the wee hours of the morning. Back then, I assumed that Behrouz was simply so good coz it tasted best when you were still feeling a bit woozy from the loud music and the delicious cocktails and it had the undeniable advantage of being one of the few places you could grab something to eat at 4AM. 

But nowadays, maybe every other month or so, we still crave for it, totally sober and at a reasonable dinner hour. So I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s good. We don’t need to take a look at the menu’ our order is always the same. Beef Kobideh, which has two beef kebabs, buttered rice and grilled tomatoes. Add chopped grilled onion, top everything with a garlic sauce that will kill any romantic smooching session and you’re good to go! I still find it to be too pricey considering the eatery type interior and the screeching bird in the kitchen, but everyone has those hole-in-the-wall places they love to go to, despite the bad reviews and the critical looks of others. Behrouz to me is comfort food. Behrouz is good memories.

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cd said...

Oh wow, now I miss the food from Behrouz too! Gritty but tasty!


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