November 7, 2008

Moving on

I did it. I know it’s seems like no big deal, but it is to me. So there, I officially accepted the position of assistant manager of the global markets division at VMV Hypoallergenics. It’s a done deal and, after much apprehension, I handed in my resignation at Alliance Française yesterday. One night, at a birthday party, I talked to a friend of a friend who turned out to be working for VMV. I raved about how much I adored the brand and how I even blogged about it

I talked on and on about how after having tried and tested their boo-boo balm to treat my skin asthma, I became an instant fan of it as well as of every other product I got to try, namely the Armada Sun Screen and the Superskin Moisturizer. We were just chitchatting when I jokingly asked if they had any job openings, since a VMV enthusiast like me was the ideal candidate. And destiny has it, that they indeed did. Yikes! I sent him my resume and was asked to drop by the head office a week later. 

The panel interview with the executives went beyond great. And aside from my obvious fondness for their products, I immediately fell in love with the company culture, the philosophy and the very, for a lack of a better word, New York feel (you know stylish, fresh, ambitious). Yet, it took me some persuasive talents to convince me that this was the only reasonable path to walk. For some reason, my mind was reluctant to change, scared I suppose. 

Change happens inevitably, like the ticking of the seconds on my watch. But when it happened so fast, it took me by surprise and threw me out of balance. Except, I need to evolve. So on January - after the initial anxiety attack, the doubts and guilt of leaving my old company behind – I’ll be embracing a new, hopefully more promising, future! To a new chapter in my Manila life, to letting go of the security blanket that is my old workplace, moving on and venturing into new challenges. Cheers to me!


Chinkee said...

Congrats Gorgeous! Always remember that everything happens for a reason and that the reason why you took this path was simply because it was meant to be. You're going to do great, I'm 100% sure:-) Let's do a second round of celebrating when Matt and I are done with our retreat (sounds so weird coming from me...). Mwah!

Cosmopolicious said...

thanks chinks. i feel better already. i think i simply needed some peking duck. ;-)


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