August 28, 2008


One bad gene I inherited from my dad is his predisposition to allergies. In Germany my worse enemy used to be springtime with its blooming flowers and flying pollens. In Quebec I struggled with the harsh winter, with my dry skin having difficulties handling the extreme cold. In Manila, I started to fight an entirely different fight: pollution. Unfortunately for me and my skin, pollution isn’t seasonal. All year long my skin battles the effect of the outrageously heavy traffic. On a daily basis, my body is strong enough to fight it off. But unluckily there comes the day during which my atopic dermatitis finds its way out of my system resulting in red, swollen and itchy patches. I have kept a strict skin regimen using Evian and Avène products as well as prescribed ointments ever since I was diagnosed with this type of skin eczema which is triggered by an allergic reaction. But not only are those products difficult to come by with in the Philippines, they are also pricey. A few weeks ago, I had a bad reaction again and went to see a dermatologist. D’s mom suggested trying out the clinic of Dra. Verallo, founder of VMV Hypoallergenics. The clinic is located in Legaspi Village and doubles as a store for their skin care line. The interior is kept sleek in white and glass. As an emergency measure, I got prescribed a corticoid ointment, which surprisingly worked wonders. My skin has never healed that fast, but I attributed this fact to mere coincidence. For maintenance, the doctor recommended me one of the products from the VMV Mom&Baby line with a name that got me startled at first: The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm. Using baby products caused some hesitation I must admit, but most of all I had apprehension on it being a Filipino product. Although I try to keep an open-mind, I shamefully confess that I still doubt the quality of local beauty products. I’m careful with what I put on my skin and I typically trust international brands that have gained credibility through various tests and awards. Nevertheless I tried out the Boo-Boo Balm as it was praised as free of all known allergens (VH-65), 100% all-types-of-fragrance-free, and 100% paraben-and-preservative-free. My verdict? I am a converted Filipino beauty product user. VMV’s doctors and the Boo-Boo Balm definitely met my high standards. My skin is thanking me by glowing and feeling good.

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