August 14, 2008

The Best of All Worlds?

Growing up as in two cultures can be quite challenging at times. Growing up in three is even the more confusing. “Where are you from?” is a question I categorically refuse to answer. Truth is, I do not know the answer. My passport doesn’t tell me where I belong; it is just a piece of paper. Nationality these days is such an abstract concept. I like to believe that I am bit of everything. My French heritage taught me how to appreciate and relish the beautiful things in life, such as art, architecture, fashion and, of course, fine cuisine. My Filipino genes fostered in me the culture of hospitality, the importance of family and friends and the love for all things fried (even bananas!). While Germany, although I do not have a single drop of German blood, has influenced me for most of my lifetime and has shaped me into the multicultural, meat-loving person I am today. You could say I have three personalities. I am French. I am Filipina. I am German.

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