August 28, 2008

The art of packing

Just a few more days before we fly to Europe. My mind is already there and I need to channel my excitement into something more productive than staring holes in the wall and imagining myself strolling down Las Ramblas; hence this post. I am beyond thrilled to go back, even the more so because D is joining me. Our itinerary which includes, Munich, Paris and Barcelona is all set and after a year of stressful work and little rest, it’s about time we get some quality time together and what better way to enjoy it than during 3 weeks of Europe. With our flight schedule and accommodations booked and reserved, all I still need to worry about is packing. And believe me, as a girl this is the most daunting tasks of all. I’m (well, used to be) a notorious overpacker and yet I always seem to have forgotten that one dress that would have been just right for a sunny sightseeing day or that one pair of stilettos that would have finished off my outfit for a night out in town. I haven’t perfected the art of packing but I definitely have learned quite a bit about it over the years of traveling. Living in the Philippines I’ve lost my sense of dressing according to weather. One of the main perks of living in a tropical country is that I don’t even have to look out of the window anymore to decide on my outfit. The only difference is whether or not I should bring an umbrella with me. Going to Europe is a whole other story. The weather is unpredictable and you might just as well end up with rain and chilly 12°in the middle of summer. The answer to this dilemma: layering. My plan for this late summer/early fall trip is simple; I will mainly rely on 2 staple items in my wardrobe dresses and tanktops. Dresses are easy to mix and match with accessories; either dress down with flats or dress up with heels and some bling. Tanktops, which I bring in several colors, are paired with shorts or jeans for a simple but clean outfit that you can accessorize accordingly; plus they’re so light you can fit them easily in your luggage. And should, and I’m praying it won’t, temperature drop I simply throw over a light sweater, a cardigan or my ultimate travel must-have: a pashmina shawl. If ever the sun comes out again, I can simply peel off my layers like an onion. Shoes are different chapter and I admit I’m incompetent to give advise in this matter. But my aim is to limit myself to a pair of comfy shoes for daylong sightseeing sprees, one pair of flat sandals to compromise between comfy and pretty and finally, a pair of stilettos for those glamorous nights out. We’ll see… I doubt I’ll stick to 3 pairs… Yay, I can’t wait for us to leave on Monday.


Tartelette said...

What a trip! Paris can be quite unpredictable in early September, not very warm and rainy but it never fails to be surprising!

Julius Narvaez said...

Don't forget to buy me a men's fashion magazine. =) French, german or English. Bon voyage!!!

Ryan said...

so are you visiting me in prague?!


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