May 5, 2011

Hit pause for a while

I need to hit the pause-button for a while. There is simply too much going on right now in my busy life. You would think that getting married results in spending more time with the new hubby, but quite the contrary has been happening. I barely have time for D. because I am too busy with work and managing the household. Subconsciously, knowing that he's around and that I'll see him during dinners and breakfasts and in between, there is less need to "schedule" together-time than there was before we got married and moved in together. I used to have time to go to pilates, where has that gone? I would sit in a coffeeshop on weekends, read a book or write... There seems to be so little time and yet so much to do these days. So it's time to take a break, step back and re-evaluate the situation and regain a healthy work-life balance. Do I work to live or live to work?

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