April 18, 2010

Good things come to those who wait

This comes a little bit delayed as the events below happened more than 2 months ago. But life has been on high-speed lately and blogging just got left behind. I promised myself to catch up...

February, 2010

All good things come to those who wait.

And the good things have definitely been coming to me.
These past few weeks have been filled with positive vibes, making me wonder if I should be maybe buy a lottery ticket. First of, I got promoted to Manager for Global Markets! Woohoo! I celebrated my birthday (although that isn't quite an accomplishment).
I then opened my first VMV store in Hong Kong; the first of its kind outside the country! Months of preparation, endless emails and calls, coordinating with our partners and finally, there it was all pretty and shiny. I felt like a proud mama.

I felt like on top of the world that week and got back to Manila late night exhausted but happy. D. picked me up from the airport and brought me home. I was ready to hit the shower and hit the sack right after. He mumbled something about being hungry and wanting us too cook. I was simply to tired to care and brushed him off - little did I know I would regret being so cruel to him just seconds after...

I walk into my bedroom to find a little red (not tiffany blue) box, open on the middle of my bed with a ring in it. I was dumbfounded. I just stood there, shaking my head, it didn't even cross my mind to pick up the ring. I walked out of the room again and D. was standing there grinning his grin. He knew he had chosen for the perfect moment to surprise me, as I had been expecting this to happen every time there was some sort of occasion (Christmas, New Year's Eve, romantic dinners, our birthdays...); every day except today!

I kept mumbling things like "really, today? of all days, today?" and "look at me, I'm a mess!". Of course, I cried. This was nothing like I pictured it to be. It was so much better. Real, raw, unexpected. All the smart things I thought I would've said in that moment, all the smooth moves I thought I'd had, forgotten and lost.

Home is where the heart is, has gotten a whole new meaning for me.
A new chapter has begun...

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