July 1, 2009

How Mr. Brightside makes me happy

I have a make-me-feel-good playlist on my Ipod. I've been neglecting it lately and found it again while waiting for the once more delayed Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong. Why can't they just change their flight schedule if they f$@&ing know they won't make it on time?!?!
But this is not a rant post. I waste enough time on Cebu Pacific already, literally!!

This is about Mr. Brightside. He makes me feel happy. He makes me wanna get up, dance and sing out aloud! I'm in the boarding area of Ninoy Aquino Airport so of course I won't. But I'm screaming out the lyrics internally and frantically whipping my foot to the beat.

Once in a while you come across a song that you can't get enough of. Even after several years, you still turn up the volume whenever it plays on the radio. The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" does that for me.
I know the song is actually about cheating, jealousy, mad love and all the stuff that would make you depressed rather than happy. But for once I don't analyze the meaning of the lyrics but simply enjoy it for what it is. A great song. I'm listening to the Jacques Lu Conti remix which is my favorite rendition.

This song reminds me of the year when D. got his white Mazda and we had a CD in the player with that song. I would replay it over and over again, singing... no blurting along until he would beg me to move to the next song. It reminds me of our nights out clubbing when I would jump up and down when i heard the first few notes. It reminds me of my friend C., who's now in Australia and who wouldn't mind getting up right now and dancing wild and weird in the middle of an airport. It reminds me of good times, happy times.

I have to stop listening to this emotional rock stuff and stick to happy music. I called it happy house for a reason, now I remember. ;-)

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Chris said...

I still have that song on my playlist and I've managed to keep the wild singing and dancing in now. I only bob up and down my seat when it's on :D


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