September 7, 2008

Munich, Donisl Restaurant

When in Munich, do as the Bavarians do. The best way to experience a foreign culture is by immersing yourself in it. Since I have moved to Manila, I have learned about traditions and customs as well as how to eat different Filipino foods. So I figured, now that we are in Europe, D should learn about where I come the same way. Of course we still went around the touristy spots around town. With our day-pass in hand (Partnertageskarte XXL 11,80€ for up to 5 people all day long), we start off our journey at the S-Bahn (Subway) station Deisenhofen to ride into the city center. First stop Marienplatz, the central plaza of Munich with its impressive old townhouse and the long shopping mile, which counts no less than 3 H&Ms. After some walking around the area, appetite kicked in and we stopped to grab a bite at Donisl. Donisl is the oldest beer hall in Munich and has been serving traditional Bavarian food and beer since 1715. The location is convenient (side of Marienplatz), the setting is relaxed and comfortable, the food is yummy and cheap (most dishes at 7€).

We had Schweinshaxen (pork knuckle or crispy pata) and Krustenbraten (lechon) with Kn√∂del (sticky potato dumplings) and potato salad. Come to think of it, it wasn’t too outlandish to Filipino cuisine… If we had had rice it wouldn’t have been the perfect Pinoy meal. Donisl is the perfect first stop for anyone new to Bavaria. The waitresses might not be the friendliest, but they speak English, service is fast and the food tastes good. If weather permits, sit outside and enjoy some people watching while sipping on your beer!

Weinstr. 1, Munich
Tel +49 89 220184
Subway station: Marienplatz

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