March 15, 2011

Obsession du Jour - Michael Kors Berkley Clutch

I first saw you out of the corner of my eye rushing through La Rinasciente in Milan. I was too much of in a hurry to make a decision and just left you there. I forgot about you for a while, but then I remembered... It was too late. I had no time to go back to the store and left for Munich saddened at the thought to have missed the opportunity to make you mine.
I found out that you might be available in Munich though and a jolt of hope ran through my body.
On a bright sunny winter day, I entered the boutique and looked for you. I scanned through the shelves but you were no where to be found. The saleslady eventually told me that you wouldn't arrive 'til May. I gathered that we were simply not meant to be.

I moved on, burying my need for you deep down inside. Work brought me to Dubai a few days later and busy as a bee, I had everything but you on my mind. My last night in town, I decided to spend some time at the Dubai Mall. I wandered around, amazed at the window displays, one more beautiful than the other, the giant aquarium and its sting rays... And then, here it was again. A glimmer of hope when I saw the Michael Kors sign amidst the many other designer store surrounding the fashionable Armani Café. I immediately saw you upon entering. Black, white, gold, bronze, pink... What color to choose? You were so pretty. So classy.

Today you lie on my closet, waiting for yet another day for me to bring you out, making me look fabulous yet understated. I'm glad I chased you across the globe.

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