August 15, 2010

Claim to fame

It's quite obvious that every girl believes that her own story is the epitome of fairy tales. So did I, of course. But my very down-to-earth, realistic me also knew that our story, albeit having some cheese-factor to it, was just one amongst a plethora of love stories.

When I decided to answer The Knotty Bride's call for engagement stories, it was more out of shits and giggles and because I liked the idea of bringing this life-changing moment to paper, making it last forever - for me and the endless cyberworld.

I forgot about it and when I got an email from a girl named Alison, it took me a minute or two to connect the dots. She said something about "congratulations, I featured your story."
Huh?! What story? I clicked on the link only to realize that - holy moly - our story was featured on one of the coolest wedding blogs out there...

On top of being among the chosen ones from, I'm certain, hundreds and hundreds of entries, the responds and comments to the post were just the perfect icing on the cake.

So thank you Alison for making my weekend (despite being bed-ridden due to flu!) and thanks to the readers who took the time to read through my novel of an engagement story and to those who only had sweet words to say about it.

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