July 6, 2010

Every 4 years...

... the world comes together. For 31 days. To stand apart.

No other event encourages nationalism and patriotism as much as the FIFA World Cup. But what do you do if your heart belongs to more than one country?
My filipino blood doesn't call for attention during football season, as the Philippines has yet to be able to perform well in this sport. But my French blood as well as my German upbringing, split my support in two. I haven't seen a match yet, in which my two countries went head to head, so I was never forced to side for one and abandon the other.

With France embarrassing exit of this year's competition. My hearts and lungs (I lost my voice after the win over Argentina) root for Germany.
Unfortunately, the World Cup is not as big a celebration here in Manila as it is back in Munich. So I'll just post some pictures from 4 years ago to reminisce the only 31 days every 4 years, that Germans are proud and loud about being Germans. Deutschland vor! Noch ein Tor! (or in this case: Allez les Bleus!).

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