June 25, 2010

Wedding gown and Drew Barrymore

I had Veejay Floresca in mind as my gown designer as soon as I saw some of his work in the local magazines. I checked out his blog and liked what I saw as well as what I read. He seemed passionate about his work and had connected on a personal level with each and every bride. I remembered his name from Project Runway Philippines. And while I hadn't watched the show, I am an avid fan of the US version. Veejay sounded like someone I had to meet and see for myself. So I emailed him, set a meeting and went to his atelier a few days later.

Veejay is bubbly and sweet. A little shy at first - people say I'm intimidating - I hope he warmed up to me. He liked the style of gown I was going for and agreed that it fit me bodytype-wise as well as personality-wise. I like things to be clean, simple, minimalistic. I want to accentuate my hourglass shape and would love a little architectural design in my gown. This is the sketch that Veejay came up with. We talked about the importance of fabric choice as the gown itself didn't have any embellishments or beadings, hence the fabric had to be of quality.

We chatted a little while longer while I was waiting for D. to pick me up and out of the blue Veejay interrupts me and tells me I look like Drew Barrymore. I don't know if you've all seen the latest Covergirl ads, but Drew is hoooot. At that moment, I wasn't sure if Veejay was serious or if this was simply a sneeky way of hypnotizing me into signing a contract with him. No matter, it actually worked. I was pretty much set on getting him after seeing his work and his attitude.

I met with a few more designers, but none were as excited and genuinely friendly as Veejay. I signed the contract and made the downpayment. Now he might have simply be the smartest of them all by wooing me and complimenting me, but beyond his negotiation skills, I know he's talented and truly believe he'll make my wedding gown just the way I envision it.

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