June 9, 2009

Home is where work is?

I never considered myself being particularly girly, or kikay as they would say in the Tagalog. I shop, but not as a sport. I wear make-up, but only on special occasions. I do get giddy when I fall in love with a particular pair of shoes, but that happens once in a blue moon. I read fashion magazines, but I wouldn't say that I have a particularly strong fashion sense.

But here I am now. Working in the beauty industry. Dealing with the hip and beautiful, haha. Too busy to keep my blog updated (soweee!), I've been coming alive in my position at VMV. I don't think I've really changed in terms of girliness, but I sure have blossomed somehow. Now that the job isn't all new anymore, I relieved to find out that I don't just enjoy it coz it was new and fresh, but because I actually... enjoy it.

If it weren't for this job, my torn-apart between countries feeling would most likely be a lot more prominent than it is. They say "love is where the heart is". I suppose that's true. After all, I did move here to follow the call of my heart. But - and I am sorry to disappoint the romantic ones amongst you - I don't think it is enough. I learned my lesson in life and believe I can only be as good a partner as I am an individual.

So I'm here, working hard, soaking in all the knowledge like a sponge, listening avidly to all that my boss/mentor has to say. I'm building my PR network and trying to leave my mark in this company, all while subconsciously strengthening my roots to the Philippines. The best of it all? I am actually constantly exposed to the world. The beauty industries in the US and in Europe is our constant benchmark, our markets are spread all over and I get to travel the world representing the brand.

The stronger I expose myself to globalization in all its colors - music, culture, food, work etc. - maybe the closer I'll feel to my homes.

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